Relax to Enhance Your Worth

Migraelief is a scientifically validated stress-relieving solution for working professionals that elevates productivity between stressful working hours.


  • Peace of mind, anywhere and anytime

    Easy Wear & Comfortable

    Flexi Fit Design

    Patented Stimuli Design

    Soothing Touch All Around Head

  • Nurture your mind with Wellming

    Relax your mind with WELLMING because the strength to give best at work comes when we are relaxed

    Destress yourself with WELLMING, Sound sleep is natural when the mind is not stressed.

    The natural way to trigger relax response of body and mind in just 20min anywhere any time is best in busy schedule.


Migraelief performs research based vibroacoustic to stimulate the relax response of the brain and overcome stress effortlessly in just 20 minutes.


Provides compiled set of research backed programs designed specifically to relax your mind and enhance productivity .

Migraelief App: Gateway to exploring your device Migraelief

User-oriented: Enjoy your session with a click of button in app.
Content Heavy: Choose from a wide variety of programs which helps you in sleep, anxiety...
Feedback Driven: Session Report indicating your time duration and routine.
Easy to connect: Connect the app via Bluetooth to Wellming.

Got Questions?

We have answers..

Why should I trust Migraelief?

Migraelief is the creation of Bramhansh Technologies Pvt Ltd, a health and wellness technology company. Migraelief is the result of a unique collaboration between world-class engineers and top global consumer and luxury goods executives. More than three years of R&D is involved for developing a scientifically-proven, safe and non-invasive wearable device that is both effective and elegant. 

Can I use Migraelief if I'm under medical care?

The Migraelief device is not considered to be an alternative for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult physician or healthcare worker for any questions regarding a medical condition. 

What benefits can I expect and how soon will I feel them? 

After their first experience of using Migraelief users reported they felt very relaxed and experienced a great night's sleep. Our analysis have also shown calming benefits to last for a few hours.

Any scientific proof of these benefits?

In trial studies, subjects reported reduced stress and improved sleep after using Migraelief. EEG studies performed by Bramhansh Technologies have clearly demonstrated that Migraelief stimulates the brain, which leads to a greater sense of calm and well-being, and less stress and anxiety, which in turn leads to better sleep.

Is Migraelief safe to use?

Migraelief has been safely tested on individuals. It is non-invasive and has no harmful side effects. No magnetic or electric waves are transmitted from Migraelief, only the outer surface of the skin is vibrated and rest of the work is done naturally by the brain and body.

Can I sleep while wearing Migraelief?

You can use Migraelief anytime, anywhere to relax yourself and feel stress-free. In addition to that our software has been designed in such a manner that after a recommended duration of session it ends the session automatically and turns off the device.

How/Where to buy Migraelief?

Visit our website ““ and follow the steps as indicated to buy Migraelief for self.


We are a team of mental wellness enthusiast, meditation expert, psychotherapist, engineers developing and applying technological advancement into product and services based on psychological research studies for making workplace pleasant and filled with liveliness.
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