How Migraelief Works

Migraelief - instant migraine relief product for home, trusted by doctors
Migraelief - instant migraine relief product for home, trusted by doctors. a product of Bramhansh

Your Nerve Relax Response System

A New Way To Find Chronic Migraine Relief

Migraelief uses neuromodulation to stimulate the nerve brain activity mechanically, causing the nervous system to relax and normalize migraine pain.

The blood vessels during a migraine attack get dilated which causes a throbbing sensation of pain. 

Migraelief’s timed stimulation is optimized to deliver vibrations based on these alterations, which helps to activate the parasympathetic nerve response system naturally and ease migraine pain.

Using Migraelief is Simple!

1. Connect

Connect the device to Mobile via BT

2. Wear

Wear the device over the head

3. App

Open the app, select the desired program

4. Migraine Relief

Migraelief decreases the acute pain during, migraine attack and no of migraine episodes


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