The patented transducer technology in wellming sends intense research derived acoustic signal in the form of vibration to stimulate brain for relaxation.
Impact of sound as a vibration wave of acoustic signal through skull -
Research studies done by many renowned medical institutes across the world have shown that Sound of different frequencies which is heard through ear has impact on state of mind this effect of relaxing the mind making it stress free and bringing calmness in mind is limited and its effect on calmness of brain varies from person to person ,but when the same sound is given as vibration wave over head ,by doing this the vibrating wave of sound travels through skull, tissues and cells of brain and then also reaching inner ear (cochlear) where vibration is perceived as a musical form of sound ,In doing this not only we hear with inner ear but the body also listens the same vibration waves of sound through skin and nerve branches of organs, this increased input to brain through body and ear helps in increasing the somatic(mind and body interaction) awareness ,also increases the blood flow to parts of brain , stimulates vague nerve with vibration , because of which the mind gets relaxed . As the mind attention is attracted by the vibration and sound coming from different sense (ear and skin ,skull, tissues) the mind tends to achieve the state of presence and so intensity of thought in mind decreases ,this decreased intensity of thought in mind brings calmness naturally .

Moving vibration wave effect of WELLMING

The specially designed transducer placement and material selection of band in wellming allows the transfer of wave energy distribute efficiently around the head,the wave travelling through band makes crest and trough at varying points of band due to interference of waves produced by two transducer , which helps in transmission of vibration wave energy reach and efficiently stimulate to cells, tissues and nerve easily all around the head and triggering the relax response of brain and body .

Mobile Application upcoming update

APP has frequency programs with different research based frequencies ,the user depending upon his mood and wish can choose the program to relax his own mind .
For each user the app send the usage hour and which frequency program that particular user is choosing and in which time it is being used, all this data is received in our server database this data of user is analyzed by software which is designed as per the psychologist assessment method and then software suggests the user with behavioral changing video, nutrition for brain health , guided meditation ,etc. in the users app.
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