Music for the brains: A scientifically composed pain-relieving melody by Bramhansh Technology

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Break free from the cycle of pain-relieving drugs in today's fast-paced lifestyle. Introducing Bramhansh Technologies' revolutionary non-pharmaceutical solution – your ultimate relief from intense headaches, stress, and sleep deprivation. Say goodbye to pills and embrace a new era of wellness.

Migraelief - instant migraine relief product for home, trusted by doctors

How Does Migraelief Work?

Soothing music possesses the incredible ability to calm our autonomic nerves, inducing relaxation and even promoting sleep. However, it's important to note that not all types of music have the same effect. Specific sound vibrations with precise wavelengths can reach the human brain, stimulating stressed nerves or pain points and ultimately inducing sleep.

Enter Migraelief, a wearable device designed to transduce sound waves of resonating frequencies, effectively soothing the brain within just 20 minutes of use. By integrating advanced sound technology, this device effectively alleviates pain symptoms, providing instant relief and potentially reducing the intensity of future attacks.

Individuals who experience migraines often struggle with various sleep-related issues, such as poor sleep quality, insomnia, and feeling fatigued during the night. Researchers have also noticed that migraine attacks tend to happen more frequently in the morning, with nearly half of them occurring shortly after waking up.


Inception of Change

Apparently, it was not any one moment that led to the inception of this revolutionary journey. In fact, all those collected experiences that the two lads from Chhattisgarh experienced led to such an inception. The vast number of pills that were flushed into their loved ones in order to find relief from pain caused by headaches and stress had side effects that affected their families.

The mood swings they observed all around them acted as triggers, prompting them to question themselves. Isn't there a better way, an alternative to this traditional stigma of habitually turning to medicines for pain relief? That's how they decided to research and create a better solution that doesn't have side effects, provides significant relief, and enhances productivity.

It all started when they decided that they should provide an alternative to the habitual thought process of turning to medication each and every time, without being aware of how these medications affect in the long run.

About Bramhansh

Bramhansh Technologies has been driven since 2018 with the sole aim of revolutionizing the MedTech industry in India. The mental wellness of an individual is equally important as physical well-being since problems like migraine, headaches, anxiety, stress, and insomnia are recurring in nature.

These problems deserved a much more effective solution. The company researched brain stimulation and studied all the existing treatments in the medical field, which helped them to find their research gap which further led to developing the technology that helped in providing drug-free and 100% side effect-free solutions.

Bramhansh has always been fixated on providing the advantages of a non-pharmaceutical treatment to the millions of Indians who are unaware of such an opportunity and are often submitting themselves to pain-relieving drugs along with their side effects.

Road Ahead

After investing an ample amount of time in clinical trials, technical refinements, and research and development, the company has succeeded in meeting and exceeding all the benchmarks set for gaining scientific validation, such as ISO-CE and CDSCO registration from the Indian Government.

The journey has indeed been challenging; however, the tenacity of the team ensured that they made it through. Their sheer determination and persistence helped them forge ahead to make their dream a reality. The goal was to ensure that their patented novel technology could bear fruit for the millions of Indians who craved a superior solution, and they succeeded.

Migraelief, the first non-pharmaceutical wearable device in India, provides a non-invasive solution for alleviating severe headaches, stress, and sleep deprivation.

And now, the company is paving the way to ensure that the benefits and opportunities of their product reach people in need. By initiating various collaborations with medical professionals and wellness centers, they have been able to reach those who require assistance.

The company is dedicated to educating and creating awareness about the solution while also ensuring access to the product for those in need. Their unwavering goal remains to provide a superior solution in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible, truly making a difference in the lives of those who require it.

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