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Efficacy and Safety of the Non-Pharmacological Migraelief for Migraine and Sleep Issues.

Open-label, single-arm, multicenter controlled phase 3 trial
Significant Improvement in Acute Migraine Headache pain relief and sleep-inducing

The response rate was 82%, which means that more than three-fourth of the users reported they fell asleep within 20 minutes usage of device and more than 70% users reported immediate relief from acute migraine headache pain after using the device for just 20 mins
From the user’s perspective, the result helped most users to overcome severe work impairment and start getting back to regular routines.

The intensity of thoughts and brain activities during different intervals of the Migraelief session


Migraelief significantly reduced acute Migraine headache pain, other Migraine symptoms, sleep quality, and quality of life in patients with Migraine. These benefits were seen soon after initiation of therapy and were sustained with no significant adverse events.

Migraelief provides a novel, non-pharmacological, neuromodulation therapy, which is efficacious, safe, and well-tolerated in patients whit Migraines and Sleep.


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