What is Migraine

Migraelief - instant migraine relief product for home, trusted by doctors. a product of Bramhansh
Migraine is a complex neurological condition in which the nerves provide electrical impulses to the brainstem.
These electrical signals cause a gently moving wave of electrochemical activity across the brain's surface when the system malfunctions. People suffering from migraine may begin to experience strange sensations such as what appear to be white sparks (a misfiring of the ocular nerve), followed by intense pain in some part of the head and concluding with a long period of nausea and exhaustion (general inflammation and swelling of the cortex).These electrical signals majorly attack the trigeminal ans occipital nerve.


The specially designed transducer placement in Migraelief allows the transfer of wave energy to distribute efficiently around the head, the wave traveling through the band targets the trigeminal nerve and occipital nerve by making crest and trough at varying points of the band due to interference of waves produced by both the transducers, which helps in the transmission of vibration wave energy to reach and efficiently stimulate the cells, tissues and triggering the relax response of the brain and body.
Migraelief - instant migraine relief product for home, trusted by doctors

Are you suffering from just Migraine or its something more than that

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Does Migraine and it's side effects frustrate you?

Getting migraine attacks repeatedly and not feeling stress free is frustrating and you want to feel free.

MIGRAELIEF is an ISO- CE Certified, drug-free treatment that can help you to get relief from your migraine attacks and help enhance your quality of life .

This simple-to-use medical device works effectively to cure acute migraine attacks, prevent future occurrences, and may reduce overall your number of migraine days in half.

With MIGRAELIEF, you can get back to doing the things you love and stop missing out on life’s precious moments.
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