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Migraelief is a patented, clinically validated drug-free wearable solution for migraine pain, stress and sleep disorders that boosts productivity during hectic working time.
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Reduction & Prevention from Future Migraine Attacks

Migraelief is a breakthrough migraine therapy that can help enhance your quality of life and relieve migraine pain. This simple-to-use medical device works effectively to cure acute migraine attacks, prevent future occurrences, and may reduce overall your number of migraine days in half.
With Migraelief, you may avoid darker rooms and the drowsiness, sleeplessness, and other irritating side effects that certain drugs cause. Give yourself the confidence you need to make and stick to plans without worrying about your migraines.

Recommended by Healthcare Professionals

I have been doing a lot of research and I am familiar with such type of neurostimulation based devices which are available in the foreign countries and also recommended by doctors. So, I was very excited when Bramhansh introduced me to the device and within 3 weeks of constant due-diligence I was onboard to promote the device and results have been amazing since.

Shraddha Mohanty
Dr. Shraddha Laxmidhar Mohanty

The first time Bramhansh contacted me about the device, at that time I was also having a severe headache. My headache was immediately relieved. What I personally believe Migraelief targets the occipital and trigeminal nerve which are the root cause of migraine. The stimulation relaxes this nerves and further decreases the pain.

Soniya Tambe
Dr. Soniya Tambe
Neurologist, MD, DM (NEUROLOGY)

The calmness brought uI am a firm believer of avoiding drugs, painkillers but wasn’t able to recommend any other solution apart from drugs for patient’s migraine treatment, by seeing the irreversible effects it had on my patients, I started conducting holistic programs for my patients to deal with their migraine attacks, to minimise usage of drug but due to my hectic schedule unable to conduct the sessions. But then I came across “Migraelief” which is a drug free treatment for Migraine. This acts as a perfect option for migraine treatment as patients can use it at the comfort of their home, anytime ,anywhere during their migraine attacks.p by wellming device gave me chance to look in myself and find out the real peace .

Dr. Advait Kulkarni
Neurologist, MBBS, DM (NEUROLOGY)

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We are a team of mental wellness enthusiast, meditation expert, psychotherapist, engineers developing and applying technological advancement into product and services based on psychological research studies for making workplace pleasant and filled with liveliness.

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