Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust Migraelief?

Migraelief is the creation of Bramhansh Technologies Pvt Ltd, a medtech company. The device is the result of a unique collaboration between world-class engineers, top neurologist and subject matter experts. Migraelief is an ISO-CE certified medical device which has undergone more than four years of R&D and 60+ prototypes.

Can I use Migraelief if I'm under medical care?

The Migraelief device is not considered to be an alternative for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult a physician or healthcare worker for any questions regarding a medical condition.

Can I use the Quantum Band while sleeping?

Migraelief does not require a prescription. It is still important to follow the instructions carefully and use the device safely and appropriately. If for any further questions or concerns regarding the use of medical device please reach out to us @ support@localhost

What benefits can I expect and how soon will I feel them?

After their first experience of using Migraelief more than 80% users reported a decrease in headache pain intensity, they felt very relaxed and 72% of them experienced a great night's sleep. Our analysis has also shown benefits lasting for a few hours.

Any scientific proof of these benefits?

In trial studies, more than 80% subjects reported decrease in headache pain intensity and 72% subjects reported improved sleep after using Migraelief. EEG studies performed by Bramhansh Technologies have clearly demonstrated that Migraelief stimulates the brain, which leads to a greater sense of calm and well-being, and less stress and anxiety, which in turn leads to better sleep.

Is Migraelief safe to use?

Migraelief is an ISO-CE certified medical device and has been safely tested on individuals. It is non-invasive and has no harmful side effects. No magnetic or electric waves are transmitted from Migraelief, only the outer surface of the skin is vibrated and rest of the work is done naturally by the brain and body.

Can I sleep while wearing Migraelief?

You can use Migraelief anytime, anywhere. In addition to that our software has been designed in such a manner that after a recommended duration of session it ends the session automatically and turns off the device..

How/Where to buy Migraelief?

Visit our website “www.bramhansh.xn--comand-ri0c follow the steps as indicated to buy Migraelief for self. You can also buy the device from online portals like Tata1mg, Netmeds and many others.

What is Soonyam?

SOONYAM by Bramhansh Technologies is a wearable biofeedback device that can sense mind activity from the tip of fingers.

How can I get the best results from SOONYAM?

To get the best results from Migraelief make sure to correctly position the device on your forehead. Customize your treatment and initiate treatment at the earliest signs of stress & headache. For sleep use it every day for 20 mins before bedtime. For more detailed information follow the instructions provided in the user manual or contact customer support.

How do I use the SOONYAM device?

Attach the battery securely to SOONYAM to turn ON the device.

Connect the device and wear it on your fingertips for accurate monitoring.

Let SOONYAM monitor your mind activity in real-time.

Remove the device to view insights gathered during the monitoring period.

Remove the battery securely from SOONYAM to turn OFF the device.

How does SOONYAM work?

SOONYAM is a revolutionary biofeedback device utilizing the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) method to sense and capture real-time psychological arousals such as excitement, stress levels, mental effort, and shock. It also measures meditation, focus, and relaxation levels by analyzing electrodermal resistance. The device, equipped with advanced sensors and a sophisticated software algorithm, provides live emotional feedback during counselling sessions.

What makes SOONYAM different?

SOONYAM uses tracking of electrodermal activity which indicates the arousal of positive and negative emotion unlike other wearable HRV devices. The GSR method is very spontaneous and sensitive in reading the psychological activity.

When should I use the SOONYAM?

You can use SOONYAM during meditation, sleep, anxiety & stress and for psychological counselling to monitor the mind activity..

Can I use the SOONYAM device while sleeping?

Yes, you can use SOONYAM while sleep to monitor your mind activity during sleep.